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How much SPACE do I

STORAGE CHARGES: (Delivery charges below)

Standard Storage Container (details here):

These cost a maximum of £10.00 per week plus vat if just required for a few weeks.

If you are in longer then rates are negotiable.

Been quoted LESS for equally good storage? Please call us to see if we can do something on 0151 342 2222.

INSURANCE is £0.50p per £1000 covered per week. Full details are supplied with quotes.


We offer various ways to get your items into or out of storage:

1) Our Removals team will collect/deliver it. This works out at £60+vat for each easy container collection to about £120+vat for collecting high quality expensive items that require us to specially wrap them. Most charges are in the middle range.

2) Hire a van and collect or deliver yourself. Unlike some storage companies we do not charge container access fees. Our Warehouse is open Monday to Friday, 9-5.00pm.


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Our storage system is extemely economical. It is based on a Standard Storage Unit and is very flexible. And we may even have extra special offers on that are not mentioned here, so please feel free to phone us.


We won't be beaten on PRICE!

Had a genuine quote from a competitor that is lower than ours? That's surprising as we always aim to be keen, but just occasionally it happens. But really you know we are the best and you'd like to store with us? Just call us, we don't bite! We hate losing storage for the sake of a few ££'s!