The Standard Storage Container
Made of wood to allow breathability and give great strength at relativelly low weight. The sides and roof are quality plyboard on a sturdy frame. All pieces, except the door, are clamper together with metal brackets called climps. Access is via a wooden door panel that is tightly secured on the front with climps.

Measurements are 5 foot wide by 7 foot long by 7 foot high.

Footprint is 35 square feet and volume 250 cubic feet.

Document Storage Units

Sometimes shelving is needed and our Document Storage Unit is ideal. Using a standard sized archive box these racked out containers will hold over 100 archive boxes.

A bit about A Smooth Move & Store.

Because Smooth Store is the Storage side of A Smooth Move (Wirral) Ltd we are very well place to offer a wide variety of removals options.. Many storage facilities see this side as a bit of a chore and just recommend a local man and van setup. But we love moving things ...fortunatelly .... as we have been doing it for OVER 20 YEARS.

Of course, using our removals services is completelly optional and we are more than happy to offer you storage space if you hire a van yourselves/hire a man and van setup or another removals company. We love moving you but we love storing your goods even more!

Split Storage Containers

Where you are particularly anxious about your sofas, especially leather ones, we can provide the Split Unit. Here Sofas simply sit on their feet, avoiding any possible pressure marking..

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How we Store
At Smooth Store we store using Removals Industry standard Wooden Containers. These superbly tough units come in a variety of styles and are designed to be safely stackable, saving us space and you money!